Light design

Light design

There are many different types of lighting on the market and each has its own advantages.

What kind of light do I like now? It's definitely a fan light.

Now everyone likes to buy a fan lamp. It's cool and also can be used as a lamp. As a multi-functional home appliance, withe the innovation of fan lamp manufacturers' styles, it has been developed by many designers, especially in small unite. It also improves air circulation and avoids air conditioning.

Our Fandelier is elegant, luxury and modern. The style is disparate, satisfy everyone's requirements.

1. Save installation space: fan and light are integrated and controlled separately.

2. Comfortable and health: ceiling fans provide more comfortable air then floor fans. And more health than AC.

3. Energy saving: when it is not very hot, it can completely replace the air conditioner to save on your electricity bills.

4. Quiet and safe: generally, the motors are made of high-quality silicon copper, so the noise generated by the motors is much smaller than that of ordinary ceiling fans. In addition, wooden or acrylic blades are used, so it is safer.

5. Convenience: with remote control control style, and the timing function, suitable for sleep time.

6. Affordable: you can buy fans and lights at a same price.

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