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EFPerfect Lighting

8-Light Brandy Glass Chandelier DS-FM24

8-Light Brandy Glass Chandelier DS-FM24

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The brandy glass hangs in an eclectic cluster of stars and presents a spacious and bright lighting experience that is excellent for a variety of home design aesthetics. Perfect for adding atmosphere and charm to any space, get this beautiful light fixture installed in your home.

Overall dimensions: 24.6 "x 13.4" x45"

The droplight of vertical height: adjustable 45/45/43.5/43.5/42.5/42.5/40.5/40.5"

Lampshade Type 1:5.9" W x 7.5" H

Lampshade type 2:5.9" W x 11.8" H

Lampshade Type 3:6.5" wide x 9.1" high

Cover: 20.3" L x 9" W x 1" H

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